The guy with the CD's. The International Champion of Magic. Murray
The Szarka duo's acrobatics|hand balancing act has been seen by thousands of people from cruise ship passengers to casino patrons, corporate events and circus enthusiasts. The act contains elements of adagio, hand balancing, acrobatics all melded together to make a spectacular show.
Claire's solo act, based on balance and contortion is based on a revolving table. A slow dance elegant and sensual, accompanied by piano and cello music. A moment for dreaming, poetic and serene...
The art of “contact juggling"; making one or more spheres balance and roll all over his body. Thanks to his dance training, he has developed and constructed a poetic act which associates dream, juggling and magic, a surprising act which captures the audience's complete attention.
NORBERT FERRE World Champion of Magic http://www.norbertferre.fr/
DICK FRANCO World Champion Juggler http://www.dickfranco.biz/
ANTHONY GATTO Juggler http://www.anthonygatto.com/
JETON The Gentleman Juggler http://gentleman-juggler.com/
ADANS PERES Master Hand-Hand Balance http://www.peresbrothers.com
ROBBO SHOWS Variety Circus Shows http://www.robbo-shows.com
JEAN PIERRE BLANCHARD Artiste - Peintre http://www.jeanpierreblanchard.fr
GREEN GIFT Artistik Comedy Moderation http://www.greengift.de
HERR NIELS Mime Comedy Visuell http://www.herr-niels.de
PETE SWEET Slackrope Wire Walker http://www.petesweet.com
ALEXANDRA CRAVERO Violinist Grand Musicien http://www.alexandracravero.com
ANDREAS WESSELS Juggler http://www.wesselsandweiss.com
JOJO WEISS Comic http://www.wesselsandweiss.com
Mr Spin and Pandora Pink Juggling Outrageous Comedy http://www.bamboozledproductions.com/ 
Vince Bruce Wizard of the whips and Ropes http://www.vincebruce.com/
A J Silver Cowboy Whip act http://www.trickropingact.com/  

Stretching and Flexibility
"It has literally stretched my perception and philosophy towards physical training."
Highly recommended.
This is an excellent resource book for stretching and injury prevention, using safe techniques.